Index of /listserv-to-mailman/code/utils/

      Name                       Size  Description
Parent Directory - all_review 2.7K Sends LISTSERV REVIEW queries to get subscribers for all lists arch_wipe_all 716 Regenerates all Mailman list archives, for use with 'nohup' backup_list_configs 1.7K Backs up Mailman list configurations to .listconfig files change_mod_pw 6.6K Changes the moderator password for a list; works like change_pw check_member_pw 5.2K Checks the given password for a subscriber on one or more lists disk_space_check 3.1K Checks to see if a disk is too full, emails someone if it is filecomplines 2.4K Compares two files, says which lines are in one, other, or both group_sub 3.0K Subscribes all addresses in a file to a Mailman list group_unsub 2.9K Unsubscribes all addresses in a file from one/all lists perlren 492 Renames one or more files using a Perl regular expression review_and_copy 2.1K Runs Mailman 'who' command for lists, copies results via scp revlists 3.3K Handles LISTSERV responses to all_review's REVIEW queries revmmlists 3.0K Saves Mailman admin command handler's response to 'who' email sub 3.0K Subscribes an email/name pair to one or more Mailman lists sync-list-passwords 3.7K Synchronizes Mailman list passwords with another system tgrep 1.2K Searches a file(s) for a string, but skips any non-text files unsub 3.7K Unsubscribes an email from one or more (or all) Mailman lists which_pw 2.5K Shows which access level, if any, a given password provides

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