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      Name                              Size  Description
Parent Directory - utils/ - Utilities used in our conversion and later for Mailman maintenance lib/ - Objects used by web server scripts to send Mailman admin commands 14K Automated unit tests to check if works 21K Automated unit tests to check if is set up corrently TemplateDefault_MM.patch 1.9K /usr/lib/swish-e/perl/SWISH/ patch after copy 3.7K Sets an option on a Mailman list for a user or file of users search.patch 2.5K Mailman/Cgi/ patch after copying in same dir 4.5K Converts email reply from Listserv to Mailman format 1.8K Queries Listserv lists to see all subscribers with a given option orig.listconfig 48K Example config file for a new Mailman list, showing all options Makefile.patch 694 mailman-2.1.x/src/Makefile patch for compiling search CGI wrapper 24K Administrative command handler to accept Mailman commands by email 3.0K Converts Listserv proprietary notebook archives to Unix mbox format 2.6K Captures output that would otherwise go to STDOUT or STDERR 416 Instructions/reminder for setting up symbolic link 416 Instructions/reminder for setting up symbolic link change_member_pw 1.6K Change member password on a list; used by utils/sync-list-passwords 22K Indexes Mailman archives for searching, sets up Swish search files

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