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Listserv to Mailman Part 2.1: Installing an Administrative Command Handler

Installing a program to handle administrative commands sent by email (e.g., from a CGI script), including a few helper files needed by the handler, testing to check that the files were installed correctly, and some problems we encountered and solved.

Listserv to Mailman Part 1.2: Installing Swish for Archive Searching

Choosing an archive search package for Mailman, about the Swish-E package for archive indexing/searching, and Swish-E filter/helper add-ons for indexing attachment files like PDFs and Word docs.

Listserv to Mailman Part 1.1: Installing Mailman

Choosing a version of Mailman and installing it to a local directory in a non-root/shared environment, installing to a web directory other than /mailman, and basic testing of the installation.

Listserv to Mailman Part 1.0: Overview

Overview of the Listserv to Mailman project this guide is about, the specific problems of our situation and how we explored our options, and finally a note about our development vs production list servers.